Are You A Travel Club Company?

Timeshare Cancellation Program

Travel Clubs and timeshares have the same target audience, travelers.  There are a lot of people that like to travel and want to save money while doing so.  Many of those same people purchase timeshares at some point in their travels.  However, sometimes people buy a product and later realize perhaps it wasn’t the best choice for them.  Some travelers may feel that a travel club is more ideal for their lifestyle but it may not be an option if they have an unwanted timeshare to pay for.  We offer a timeshare cancellation program for travel clubs, so if a customer wants to purchase the travel club and cancel the timeshare, the company can offer a guaranteed timeshare cancellation service.

We are here to ensure a smooth process from beginning to end.  We have several options to guarantee we are able to effectively cancel any timeshare contract.

For more information about our transfer program for your company, request more information using the form below or contact Tim at 386.795.8046.