Timeshare Cancellation

timeshare cancellation

There are several variables that determine the most effective method to use during a timeshare cancellation.  Every company is different and every timeshare owner is at a different point in their ownership, so cancelling a timeshare contract can be very different from one person to another.  Some people owe money on their timeshares, some people are behind on mortgage payments and/or maintenance fees and then there are timeshare owners that do not have a mortgage and they are up to date on all of their payments.  All of those factors determine the best way to cancel a timeshare contract.

Regardless of the timeshare cancellation method used, we have a system to make the process flow seamlessly, from beginning to end.  First, the person(s) looking to cancel their timeshare contract will be informed of the best timeshare cancellation option for them.  Then, the timeshare owner fills out the appropriate documents.  Next, we review everything received and request any additional necessary documents from the client.  We can assist the client in locating documents if needed during the process of cancelling a timeshare contract.  Documents are then uploaded into our database for processing.  The client will be in contact with a specialist from the department processing their timeshare cancellation service for questions and further instructions.