Timeshare Transfer Fees

Our services are used by many different types of organizations so, outside pricing may vary. Outside companies may incur costs and expenses for business overhead such as administration, marketing and traveling, just to mention a few.  Timeshare Legal Service is a transfer company.  We take in and review documents for processing, ensure the accuracy of the processing and provide customer service to the timeshare owners and other organizations until the processing is complete.  During the title transfer process, one of the requirements is paying a transfer fee.  These transfer fees are decide by the timeshare resorts and we have no control over what these fees are. That being said, below you can request transfer fee amounts.  Our transfer fee formula is relatively simple. It includes:

  1. In compliance with regulations, we charge a base fee plus any additional processing fees, depending on the resort.
  2. The resort transfer fee and any other fees required by your resort to facilitate transfer.
  3. Any special fees such as “attorney fees” in states that require filing by attorney only.
  4. Any additional fees that may be charged by resort developers and associations outside of the U.S. ex: General Fund Fee, declarant fee, etc.
  5. Referral fees, if any, are negotiated by your developer, travel club or 3rd party representative.

We try to stay up to date with industry and resort changes, prices and fees.  The developer and association level seem to change daily, so there occasionally may be a price discrepancy. We do not haggle or give discounts on transfer fees, however there are certain instances where you may own multiple properties under the same association or at the same resort. In this circumstance, there may be an option to discount those fees depending on the resort.

You can get information on transfer fee amounts using the form below.  We ensure your privacy will not sell or share your information.