Timeshare Title Transfer

A timeshare title transfer is an effective method of getting out of a timeshare contract.  There are a few factors dealing with the financial side of timeshare ownership that are key points in determining if a title transfer will work to get rid of your timeshare contract.

If your timeshare is not financed or there is no mortgage on it, a timeshare title transfer may be the best method for cancelling your timeshare contract.  Another problem people commonly have is being behind on payments.  If the payments are not up to date, a title transfer may not be a good option.  Regardless of the situation, we have a method to guarantee the cancellation of your timeshare contract.

We work to ensure the timeshare cancellation process runs smoothly until completed.  When we receive the documents for your timeshare title transfer, our specialist will review them, contact you for additional information and help you obtain the appropriate documents if necessary.  Once we have all the items we need, we can begin processing the timeshare transfer and you have the ability to stay up to date on the progress by logging into your timeshare title transfer account.