Top 5 things to See in Sweden

In recent years, Sweden has moved to the top of many people’s travel list.  It’s an outdoor lovers dream with thousands of acres of beautiful forests and ultra clean lakes.  The people are welcoming and friendly and the Swedish cuisine quite unique.  Not to mention that this part of the world has so much history and so many ancient sites to see.

Drottningholm Palace

A short drive from Stockholm, this 17th century palace is the residence of the Swedish Royal Family.

Vasa Museum

Located in Stockholm and Sweden’s most popular museum, is home to the Vasa battleship.  A 16th century ship that sank in 1628 and was recovered from the ocean in 1961.


Throughout Djurgården Park you’ll find cafés, restaurants, snack-bars, and hotels.  Abba the Museum, the Gröna Lund amusement park and the open-air museum and zoo are also located here.

Visby, Gotland

This slice of medieval history is home to church ruins and cobblestone street within the towns stone walls.  Timber building and medieval trading houses from the 17th and 18th centuries still remain.

Lund Cathedral

Sweden’s most visited cathedral is in the southern province of Skåne.  Found around 1080, it’s the oldest cathedral in Sweden.

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