Best Time of Year To Visit Europe

Overall, the best time to visit Europe is early and late summer.  If you visit in May, June or September, the crowds are smaller, the weather is great and the prices are reasonable.  However, August can be lacking in smaller cities and towns in Italy and France, as that’s when businesses and locals go on vacation.

If you are looking for the best prices during your trip, visiting in the winter is going to give you the best bargain, but the winters are cold.  If you visit in spring or fall, you’ll still get a great deal but the weather is more mild.

If you’re looking to visit during the best weather, northern European countries like Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands and the UK, it gets quite cold December through March. Southern Europe tends to be sunny all year long but with frequent rainfall in winter in areas like the south of France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece. These areas also have the very hot summers making it quite uncomfortable for those planning to be outdoors.

July and August are very crowded periods in Europe as well as the winter months in European ski resort areas.  Eastern Europe can be much less crowded in the summers, in areas like Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

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