Best Cities To Visit In Sweden


Stockholm, the capital of Scandinavia and one of the world’s most beautiful cities, is filled with history and culture. Located on 14 islands bordering the lake and the sea, it’s known for being modern and progressive. Having beautiful scenery, history and tradition, give it exceptional character and charm and make it one of the most popular destinations in Sweden.


The capital of West Sweden is the small and beautiful Gothenburg. The city’s quaint canals, and cobblestone streets give you that old Swedish experience. Here, the Swedish lifestyle, let you indulge in the unique food markets and incredible museums. There are also many amazing restaurants holding the famed Michelin stars.


Malmö, the biggest city in Skåne, has developed into an exciting city. With innovative architecture, incredible culture and an emphasis on the environment and organic lifestyles here it’s easy enjoy ethically produced food and drink, including dining at one of Sweden’s most acclaimed organic restaurants.


Located in Jukkasjärv, this is home to the famed ICEHOTEL.  Sweden’s Icehotel is the largest hotel made of ice and snow in the world. Constructed every November-December and melting every spring, if you want to stay at the hotel, you’ll need to plan your trip accordingly.  The area also has a variety of snowmobile excursions through the Swedish Lapland wilderness, where you can meet the Sami, Sweden’s aboriginal people.


Kosterhavet is Sweden’s first Marine National Park and home to the car free Koster Islands. You can visit small fishing villages among this landscape, with beaches and rocky islands.  Since there are no cars here, you can take guided tours by bike or boat to see this beautiful marine wonderland.

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