5 Tips For Family Vacations on a Budget

  1. Rent a vacation house.   When you’re traveling with more than 2 -4 people, renting a vacation house adds up to a better deal than renting hotel rooms, especially in nice destinations. If you want to stay on the beach you could spend $200-400 a night on a nice hotel, but for the same price you could get a nice house on the beach with plenty of space and bathrooms.
  2. Use the kitchen.  When you’re on vacation. getting up and rushing to get everybody ready is not the ideal morning.  If you have a kitchen, whether you want to cook breakfast, buy cereal or buy frozen waffles, you can relax and enjoy a nice slow morning.
  3. Ask about group discounts.  Many times groups of as little as 5 people can get a group discount.  Sometimes it make take 10 or 15 people but it can’t hurt to ask.  Feeding lots of people is a big expense on family vacations, things like this can save a lot of money.
  4. Browse the local visitor magazines.  These travel guides often have coupons and special offers to help you plan activities for the trip on a budget.  These magazine also frequently have event calendars with local festivals and events, some of which are free.
  5. Use online coupons. Groupon.com is a great website to browse before your trip.  Not only does it show you the options you have for activities when you get to your destination but there are some great savings on there.  Just be sure to read guidelines on ages and restrictions for activities and dates of use.

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